Why OT?

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OT in Mental Health

Occupational Therapy is a broad and often misunderstood profession, placing meaningful occupation and independence at the centre of its philosophy. It is both reductionistic and non linear, meaning it uses both statistical evidence and the study of human philosophy and spirituality to guide principals and practice. OT provides a platform to learn extensively of complimentary medicines and therapies to a myriad of illnesses, conditions and difficulties affecting parents and children at different stages of life.

OTs in youth mental health are experts in the fields of child development, sensory processing, attachment, mental health assessment and using occupational performance problems such as family discord, school reluctance, and emotional dysregulation to guide treatment. Everyday activities such as toileting, dressing and homework may also be a focus, always considered in the cultural, environment, family and social context. Most importantly it is the family and child’s interests that contribute to their place in community, where they are going and who they want to become.